The Accept What Is – Mind Virus

The Archons and their servants, the rulers of the world are exponentially increasing their efforts to deprive humanity of all power materially, mentally, and spiritually. In old times it took several centuries to implant false concepts into widely accepted religions, and corrupt or completely eliminate true ideas that may empower people who practice them. By now all major religions have been contaminated with some mind viruses, while still containing useful teachings and truth as well. Since the Cabal is not satisfied anymore with the slow progress of spiritual corruption, they have started a new phase of their operation. In this second phase they collect the mind viruses from all the religions and mixing them with a little sprinkling of truth they try to create a new religion that all humanity would accept. The pseudo-spiritual doctrines of the New Age movement is one experimental form of the new religion. The New Age religion will be discussed in detail in other articles, it is briefly mentioned here only because the mind virus which is the subject of this article is part of the New Age religion.

Some time ago I have had a heated discussion with a New Age zealot about a cornerstone of their doctrines, the “accept what is” dogma. Riding high on the horse of new age ‘enlightenment’ he tried to hammer this disempowering concept into my mind saying: “…acceptance is the first thing you should do before you can move forward. This is basic Buddhist teaching…” By the way he is not a Buddhist, he is a New Ager thinking that he knows all that is worth knowing from all religions. Then he started to mix this with some vague alchemical concepts creating a hodgepodge that made no logical sense at all.

I have explained to him that accepting the suffering is quite the opposite of what one should do if he ever aspires to liberate himself from this condition. The first requirement to reach permanent freedom and happiness is the recognition of the real fundamental nature of human existence, which is suffering. This is nothing new, this is the very basis of Buddhism, the first of the Four Noble Truths. Buddha himself never advocated that one should accept suffering. If in any religion or philosophy there is such instruction to accept suffering, then that is there to corrupt the minds of the gullible and render them docile.

The word suffering is defined as the state of undergoing pain, distress, misery, dissatisfaction, loss or hardship. The state of suffering is the opposite of happiness which we all seek consciously or instinctively. What can cause suffering in life is completely subjective; something that is the cause of great misery to one person may be the source of great joy to another. An oligarch who used to have billions of dollars, ending up with only one million in his bank account after a sever loss will experience his new financial situation as an intense suffering. He may even consider suicide if the prospects of regaining the billions are non-existent. At the same time a poor man gaining one million dollars may be very happy, dispelling all his adversities that caused him suffering. This is limited, temporary, illusory, material happiness.

But the spiritual “happiness” is a complete satisfaction which is permanent, that can not be lost, and which does not depend on any circumstances or other beings or power. No matter how great power, wealth, and enjoyments one acquires while in human body, that is not real ‘happiness’ in spiritual sense, because it is impermanent, it may be lost any moment, and it will be definitely lost when the person dies. It is also not real happiness, because the more material things one has, the more one craves for, and complete unalloyed satisfaction that would last indefinitely is not possible to gain while in human body. Gautama Buddha was a prince, he had a beautiful wife, kids, riches, and he would have inherited the kingdom. Still he recognized the real nature of human condition, which is suffering, left his luxurious life in the palace, and went to find the way out of this condition.

My New Ager friend could not refute my arguments; therefore he referred to an article as his authoritative text that supposed to enlighten me about what ‘real spirituality’ is. That article is on the website of a lady who has made business from spirituality. She is one of those who turn religious practices and doctrines into some kind of ‘self-help technique’, a consumer product, to make money from it.

The title of the article is: “Acceptance is the first step toward change”. Since my friend wielded this article as an ultimate authority, and great source of wisdom, I had to analyze it in great detail and point out where it goes wrong and why, so that everybody can understand the truth. Let’s see then what does this ‘great’ article claim, and what is wrong with it. The text in “italic” is the quote from the discussed article written by Sunada which we analyse. The rest is my commentary, except for some quotes from other sources which are referenced separately.

“Acceptance is the first step toward change”

This statement which is the title of the article is an oxymoron, a contradiction, and a misleading misinterpretation. To facilitate the comprehension of this fact let’s see what is the true definition and correct meaning of the word “acceptance”:

Oxford dictionaries:
“3.1 Willingness to tolerate a difficult situation: a mood of resigned acceptance”

“3:  The act of accepting = 3a :  to endure without protest or reaction <accept poor living conditions>”
”Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, or to protest. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’, derived from the Latin ‘acquiēscere’ (to find rest in).”

All three definitions depict basically the same meaning and same situation which is best and more elaborately explained by the wiki definition. Accepting a situation means to assent, tolerate, endure and submit to a typically unpleasant situation (= suffering) without attempting to change it, or even protest against it. Let me emphasise again the most important part of this meaning which determines the behavior, and actions of those who submit to such negative behavior:

They submit to a life of suffering without attempting to change it, or even protest against it.

Acceptance is like when a soldier or army surrenders to the enemy on the battlefield without even trying to resist, fight, or defend themselves. They rather accept the defeat and the consequent terrible state of becoming slaves of the enemy. Such behavior is cowardice, the basis of slave mentality. This is very much relevant to the spiritual subject we were discussing, because the first aim of spiritual struggle is to permanently break free from the suffering in physical bodies, and from the prison of repeated, forced reincarnations. (There are some more aims of spiritual struggle but for the present discussion this should suffice.)

Walking the path to freedom is very difficult. Not because of some mistake, or accident, or inadequacy, but because humanity on earth has got an adversary called Archons that inhabit the solar system and keep us in perpetual slavery on the prison planet earth. They deceive spirits into accepting unjust and skewed demonic ‘laws of karma’ or fake ‘laws of universe’, which are the demonic creations of the Archons, and has nothing to do with the laws of a righteous and loving creator of a universe, and even less with realities beyond that.

The situation of humanity on earth is very similar to the situation of a convict kept in a prison. As long as the citizen is in harmony with the laws of the society (created by their authorities) he is free to move within that realm and enjoy a relatively pleasant existence. But once he does something that is forbidden by the authorities (or refuses to do something that is demanded of him by those authorities) he will be arrested, convicted, and locked into a prison. This prison has got its own internal rules and ‘laws’ that are much more cruel than the laws he broke outside, and have nothing to do with justice; they don’t serve the interests of the inmates. Their only purpose is to subdue, punish the prisoners, and make them suffer as long as they are in prison.

Now imagine that the authorities of a universe get carried away too far, because their greed for power and glory corrupts them and they start oppressing and limiting others more and more. They create increasingly more limiting and unjust ‘laws of the universe’. This will lead to opposition and rebellion. Some spirits will righteously resist and break these new unrighteous ‘laws’. Since spirits are eternal and can not be killed, the only way the arrogant authorities can get rid of the rebels is by robbing them of their spiritual power and shutting them into a multiple layer prison system.

To do the dirty work of maintaining this prison and prevent escape, the authorities create intelligent artificial ‘life forms’ without a spirit inhabiting them, whose only purpose and very nature is to hate the inmates and do whatever it takes to keep them in perpetual bondage. The best way to prevent the possibility that the guards get merciful or bribed, or converted by the human inmates is to make their bodies and minds dependent on human slavery and suffering. Their food should be human suffering, and all the negativity associated with it. This way they will never be motivated to let anybody go free, and humans can not offer anything to them to bribe them that they can not already take freely.

I could cite here the cliché “As above so below”, but that is turned upside down, and does not reveal much, because people don’t know how it is above, therefore they will not get much wiser about how it is below either. It should be said more meaningfully this way: “As the situation is on earth and in the solar system, so it is in the whole universe”. We know how evil the rule, hierarchy, and generally the life on earth is, so from this we can infer how it is in the whole universe. This has been supported by many ancient accounts about wars that were waged between gods in the heaven (space wars). So merely breaking out of the prison-earth and solar system, real lasting freedom is still not gained. From there further efforts are necessary.

One of the key points to recognize in this situation is that many spirits are not in this prison because they have done something really wrong, but because they have dared to resist the oppressive system of hierarchy. They are political prisoners. The other more important point is that such unrepenting prisoners are not kept here for a limited time interval after which they will be released, but rather as long as the authorities of the universe stay in power. With other words, if these poor spirits don’t submit to the oppression, they have got a “life sentence”, meaning: until the collapse of the present hierarchy, or until the annihilation of the whole universe.

No ‘evolution’, ‘ascension’, and no ‘acceptance’ of any kind will be of any use to these spirits. Their only way out is by acquiring the knowledge of truth about their situation, then proper planning, training, preparation, timing, and fighting their way out of the prison system. For them it will not be enough just to break out of the prison of earth and solar system. If they don’t want to spend their existence for aeons with fighting and running from the authorities, they will have to escape from this universe as well (or defeat the present hierarchy). So the task is enormous, and it can be accomplished only in stages step by step.

Any notion of ‘acceptance’ is totally alien and debilitating in this struggle for freedom. Resisting and refusing the rule of the evil, refusing to exist in suffering, and fighting for freedom whatever it takes, has the only chance to lead these spirits to real freedom and eternal happy existence.

After this detour let’s return to the discussion of the article:

“I recently had a couple people raise doubts to me about the Buddhist idea of “accepting what is.” Isn’t it too passive? What if we’re in a situation that’s really unacceptable?”

Humanity IS in a really unacceptable situation. Those who don’t recognize this are simply not awakened enough, or are too afraid to face the evil. ‘Accepting what is’ is a distorted expression of some concepts that really have nothing to do with acceptance in its true meaning of the word.

“… ‘Accepting what is’ does not mean passive acquiescence. Far from it, it’s the first step in making real and lasting change.”

This paragraph says something like this: “The color of the sky is green” statement does not mean that its color is really green. Far from it, actually it means that it is blue…

Only a parrot can claim such nonsense who only repeats what it hears from “authorities” without understanding what it really means, and without considering its validity. Or a color blind person who has got no idea what is the difference between the colors green and blue. Or perhaps someone who knows what he is talking about (meaning gibberish) and he teaches it with the aim of confusing the gullible, and rendering their minds more corruptible and receptive to further paralyzing hypnotic suggestions. Once such contradictions and meaningless assertions are accepted by the gullible without resistance and filtering of the common sense and sound reason, his subconscious mind will become more open and more corruptible by the evil brainwashing process.

The arbitrary redefining of words is a tested and proven strategy of the evil Archons and their servants to covertly plant mind viruses into the subconscious minds of the victims. Besides having a conscious intellect, humans have got a subconscious mind, and a superconscious mind as well. Since all the long term memory is stored in the subconscious mind, and a weakened intellect becomes the slave of the subconscious mind, it is easy to manipulate, brainwash and reprogram people. All that is needed is to confuse and disarm the filtering barrier of the intellect that supposed to differentiate between right and wrong, truth and lies, sensible and nonsense, and then tell the subconscious mind how it should behave. This is how hypnosis works. First the intellect needs to be switched off. This can be achieved either by putting the subject into a hypnotic sleep, when only the subconscious mind functions but the intellect sleeps; or by the overwhelming mental assault of a perceived authority in a form of bullying. Or perhaps by the combination of both.

The scriptures of religions rarely can induce hypnotic sleep, therefore they use the method of authority to disarm and subdue the filtering function of the intellect. It manifests in a form something like this:

‘The great prophet of God, or the great Buddha said this and this, which means that and that, so you little fallen ignorant reader better believe what is written here, and don’t dare to doubt, even less should you dare to use common sense and logic to judge what I say! If you dare to commit such an atrocity, you will be ridiculed by my brainwashed agents and you will be excommunicated, and will go to perdition!’

Of course this is not expressed in such an obvious and explicit form in any scripture or teaching, but it is implied, everybody knows this, and most of them also comply. Once the intellect is disabled by such (even silently implied) mental bullying, the subconscious mind will believe anything no matter how absurd claims are asserted by that authority. This is why organized religions are allowed to exist and even thrive today (often supported by governments) because they have become corrupted, distorted, and filled with mind viruses by the Archons and their proxies, to make people docile and subservient.

This is why any organization and authority is potentially dangerous, because it is easily corrupted by the evil agenda. If you have got seven billion people and each thinks on his own using his common sense and sound logic, it is very difficult to brainwash them one by one, and render them powerless. But if you establish an organized official religion and make the people respect and believe its teachings, then the demonic task becomes extremely easy and simple. Just put in charge of the hierarchy some corrupted puppets who will slowly contaminate the original teachings with mind viruses and shove it down the minds of the people. The original teachings must contain plenty of truth and be appealing, because this is what attracts people and makes them accept the religion and scriptures as holy and truthful. This is why the original scriptures and teachings need to be degraded and contaminated later, slowly, step by step so that the changes should be unrecognizable and forgotten.

The “accepting what is” slogan is a mind virus, which programs the subconscious not to resist anything, not to fight anything, no matter how evil it is. Surrender! Be satisfied with a life of slavery filled with suffering! Don’t rebel, don’t even think of changing anything for your benefit! If you do that, then you are not “accepting what is” which is a non-spiritual behavior, opposing the authority, and it can have only bad consequences…!

This is most important to understand: it does not matter how cleverly the “teacher” tries to redefine the intended meaning of this slogan, it will have a devastating effect on the subconscious mind. It will still corrupt it with its primary commonly understood meaning, which is in short: ‘surrender, don’t fight!’ The very purpose of the redefinition is to disarm the filtering function of the intellect, which otherwise automatically recognizes the dangerous suggestion, and tries to reject it. But if the respected authority ‘explains’ and redefines a gibberish meaning to the slogan, then the filter is broken, resistance is eliminated, and the virus is successfully planted into the subconscious. The acrobatic performance of redefinition of expressions is necessary because otherwise it would be next to impossible to plant such defeating and disempowering suggestions into the minds of sane people.

The “first step in making real and lasting change” is not the acceptance of suffering, but first the recognition that one lives in suffering, that earthly life is inherently filled with suffering, and that real lasting happiness and freedom can not be achieved here. This is not acceptance, it is a deep recognition or realization that not even the temporary petty everyday joys (like falling in love, sex, money, delicious food, fame etc.) can neutralize and make you forget. When nothing can blind you anymore to this fact of dukkha, to make you believe that the purpose of life is to be enjoyed and everything is just fine, then you have fulfilled the first requirement. This is analogous to the first of the four noble truths of Buddhism (

1. The Noble Truth of the reality of Dukkha as part of conditioned existence.
Dukkha is a multi-faceted word. Its literal meaning is “that which is difficult to bear”. It can mean suffering, stress, pain, anguish, affliction or unsatisfactoriness. Each of the English words is either too strong or too weak in their meaning to be a universally successful translation. Dukkha can be gross or very subtle. From extreme physical and mental pain and torment to subtle inner conflicts and existential malaise.”

When you have arrived to this recognition and nothing can make you forget it anymore, then the second part of this “first step in making real and lasting change” is that you must NOT ACCEPT it! If you accept it as suggested by the mind virus, then you are really defeated and paralyzed. Instead of accepting things ‘as they are’ you should figure out the cause of this unbearable situation and the way out of it. The rest of the four noble truths and the eightfold path of Buddhism give some good information, but it is not complete. It is ignoring very important facts (like the existence of God and the Archons, and the real reason why we have been incarcerated in this system of suffering). Therefore I am not going to discuss the rest of these teachings here. A Buddhist monk is much more qualified for that than I am. I myself did not aspire to become such a Buddhist monk because I have never believed that this path is complete and efficient in leading to real freedom.

“San Diego-based therapist Leonard Noel wrote in a recent blog post:
“Acceptance does not mean that we agree with what is happening or that we believe it must continue… Acceptance means that we are able to gaze into the face of the present and say, ’You are in front of me, and I acknowledge you are here.’”

The author of the article is now referring to a therapist as her authority to explain what the “acceptance” supposed to mean; to do the dirty work of arbitrarily redefining key words, and masking a mind virus. She does this obviously because she does not consider herself wise enough or authority enough in the subject of spirituality to do it on her own. Well, this is like when a blind is trying to lead those who don’t see. She obviously does this to make a living. This is how spirituality is degraded in the present age and turned into business… This is also why her article is not even worthy to be discussed. But since my friend has chosen her to be his teacher and source of spiritual ‘wisdom’ (his authority to follow), I have had no other choice but to point out her mistakes step by step so that everybody can understand what is wrong with it.

The quoted redefinition of the word “acceptance” by Leonard Noel is an arbitrary gibberish already invalidated and rejected in the above paragraphs. If the meaning of the word “acceptance” according to his new awkward redefinition is the ability to recognize and acknowledge the existence of suffering, then he needs to visit some therapists to get a treatment, instead of offering to treat others. If one wants to express the concept that Leonard wanted to convey, then instead of saying:

Acceptance is the first step toward change” one should say:
”Recognition of the real nature of your situation is the first step towards change”
Or if he wants to emphasize the need for courage to face a bad reality and be able to examine its nature, (instead of pushing his head into sand like an ostrich), then he should say: ”Courage to face a bad reality, and to recognize its scary nature is the first step towards change”.

Instead of using the mind virus slogan “Accepting what is” he should use a proper slogan that expresses his new definition: “Recognizing what truly is” or “Recognizing the true nature or reality”. Or alternatively if he wants to fight ostrich mentality use the slogan “Dare facing your true reality” instead (or equivalent).

“He says that when we avoid things we find unpleasant or fearful, they generally come back bite us. … But facing and acknowledging them brings us greater awareness — which creates space for other perspectives to arise. His very practical post covers many points relating to how to face our personal difficulties.”

This argument has been already invalidated above. Facing or acknowledging the existence of suffering has nothing to do with accepting such suffering. And this whole mind job has nothing to do with spirituality. It is about brainwashing fearful patients lost in self pity and victim mentality, who are too confused and cowards to see reality for what it really is. The purpose of the therapy is to make patients accept such suffering life as normal and stop complaining. “Be happy and cheerful even if your life is unbearable”, this is the message they want to hammer in by sneaky convoluted tactics of brainwashing and bullying. When this is successful, then the patient is declared to be cured and ‘normal’, the ‘therapist’ can take his money smiling all the way to the bank.

Buddha taught exactly the opposite. That accepting this reality full of suffering and doing nothing to escape suffering is spiritually abnormal and unwise. While those who recognize the real nature of life as suffering, who dare to acknowledge this fact, and who are brave enough and willing to seek the end of such suffering are the spiritually sane, and qualified for the path leading out of this condition.

If they are discussing modern psychiatric methods (which are also often detrimental) then they should talk about that, and should not mix it or confuse it with spirituality. Psychiatry and spirituality has nothing to do with each other.

If a rascal enjoys standing on my toe and I am sane enough to recognize that this is painful, and I don’t try to consider this to be normal and don’t try to be happy with it just because everybody is standing on everybody else’s toe, then I have fulfilled the first requirement for freeing myself from this pain. Now, if I refuse to accept this reality (instead of ‘accepting what is’) then that will give me the courage and strength to do what is necessary to get rid of the pain. (Namely to punch the bastard into the face so that he should learn that standing on my toe will result in him being beaten, so better stop repeating it again).

If instead of taking action I would get lost in self pity and victim mentality, then the solution to this problem is not to advise me to ‘accept what is’ and ‘be happy’, ‘get over it’, etc. (because everybody is standing on everybody else’s toe so it must be normal, you can’t change it…). Instead a real help should confirm that such situation should not be accepted, show the solution how to get out of this situation, then remove my fear and rise courage in my mind to become brave enough to do what it takes to free myself form suffering. For a brave spirit who respects himself enough, the extra pain of fights and even the possibility of death is more acceptable than existing in perpetual pain and suffering.

Most of the ‘normal’ people recognize the suffering nature of life, but since they are brainwashed by the society and authorities into accepting this as normal, and because everybody else is also suffering, they fail to free themselves from this condition. The reason for the failure is not the lack of suffering, or the lack of courage to face this reality, but the mind viruses and the brainwashing since childhood, that this is all there is, and nothing better exists. The most hopeless sufferers are those who don’t know that they are suffering, or those thinking that their suffering is normal and unavoidable. If one is convinced that there is no better existence for him than the suffering he experiences, then he will never even search for a way out, even less do something about it and reach permanent happiness.

“According to Thanissaro Bhikkhu, a highly respected Buddhist monk, acceptance means to accept responsibility for oneself. We can’t blame anyone else for our situation.”

This is an oversimplification of the reality, which misleads and hides dangerous facts. If I am a ‘political’ prisoner on this earth then my adversaries may argue this way: that I landed here because I have dared to oppose the corrupt and unrighteous rulers of the universe, thus “I am the only responsible for my situation”. “No one else to blame”. But if I am here because I have righteously and courageously resisted a corrupt hierarchy for the benefit of all oppressed beings, then the blame is not on me, but on the evil hierarchy. But even If I am really guilty of some wrong doing, it does not mean that I must be the only guilty, and no one else contributed to my suffering. By ignoring the existence of God and a universal hierarchy, the Archons, and their role in creating this suffering existence on this earth, and believing that the law of karma is inherently righteous and serves our best interests, prevents Buddhism from offering a complete picture, and a really efficient path to freedom.

“So it’s about getting real. It’s about not covering things up with excuses and avoidance tactics, and facing our situation squarely as it is.And taking up the challenge to do something about it.

“…’Acceptance means accepting the fact that you’re responsible for a lot of your experience right now. You can’t blame anybody else. And ultimately that’s a good thing.’”

“Taking up the challenge to do something about it” does not require blaming myself for all the suffering I experience. It is perfectly possible that someone else also contributed to my sufferings (or perhaps only he caused it), and I can very well recognize this, and do my best to get out of such situations without the need to blame myself.

“If other people were ultimately responsible for shaping your experience, what could you do? You’d have to go around pleasing them all the time.”

This is again a faulty logic lacking common sense. By pleasing people all the time one can not guarantee that they will stop hurting you (see the poor state of Tibet). In fact if those people who make you suffer are evil to the core like the Archons and their servants, then they will surely not stop hurting you just because you try to please them. Your very suffering is their pleasure, so if you want to please them, then you would have to put up with the continuous suffering they inflict upon you. By trying to please them you would achieve exactly the opposite of freeing yourself from suffering. And a much more sensible way of shaping your experience for the better is to resist the evil, fight, try to stop and transform their evil behavior. If this is not possible, then get away from such evil beings so that they can not keep you suffering. Claiming that your only option to get rid of suffering caused by others would be to continuously please them is demagogy.

“Joanna Macy, a Buddhist scholar and philosopher of ecology, approaches this topic from the angle of social change… To her, “acceptance” means to show up and offer our loving presence. If our mother is, say, dying of cancer, we wouldn’t turn away, would we? If nothing else, we’d want to at least be there for her. Though it’s painful to see someone we love suffering, we do our best to face our own fears and worries, and do the best we can to help.”

Yet another haphazard arbitrary redefinition of the word “acceptance”. If the reader was not enough confused and brainwashed by the redefinitions so far, then this will kick his mind. It is so awkward that it is not even worth addressing. Is this really the great authority of spiritual wisdom that supposed to enlighten us about what real spirituality is?

“By extending the dying mother analogy to the broken state of our world, she said,

“The biggest gift you can give is to be absolutely present, and when you’re worrying about whether you’re hopeful or hopeless or pessimistic or optimistic, who cares? The main thing is that you’re showing up, that you’re here and that you’re finding ever more capacity to love this world because it will not be healed without that. That was what is going to unleash our intelligence and our ingenuity and our solidarity for the healing of our world.”

Healing our world? A poet perhaps can say such naïve things but a Buddhist scholar…?!
How about healing a prison, or healing the suffering of all prisoners only by merely being there? This is not a mature way of thinking, but rather living in a fantasy world. It is meaningless to heal the world just like healing a prison, and merely being present and being one of the prisoners will certainly not free all the prisoners. The only way to free all the prisoners (heal the world…) is to escape from the prison, accumulate sufficient power and/or army to break into the prison from the outside, and free those who were unable to escape on their own efforts.

“…If we go back to the words of the Buddha, he never used the phrase “accept what is.”

Now, if Buddha did never use this mind virus phrase because he was not the proponent of accepting suffering, and he was doing his best to avoid confusing people, then why on earth his followers act to the contrary? This phrase does not come from Buddha, and if it is claimed to be the teaching of modern Buddhism, then it is obviously a later addition to the doctrines which contaminates and distorts the original teachings.

“I think the notion probably comes from a reinterpretation of his teaching to a man named Bahiya.

“’Herein, Bahiya, you should train yourself thus: ‘In the seen will be merely what is seen; in the heard will be merely what is heard; in the sensed will be merely what is sensed; in the cognized will be merely what is cognized.’ In this way you should train yourself, Bahiya. (Udana 1.10)’”

This is a school example of how religions get distorted and falsified by misinterpretations of unclear archaic expression. To completely understand why this is a wrong interpretation you should read the whole text of “Bahiya Sutta: About Bahiya” at:
The relevant extended quote is here, which is quite vague, because the translator did not really understand the proper meaning himself:

“Herein, Bahiya, you should train yourself thus: ‘In the seen will be merely what is seen; in the heard will be merely what is heard; in the sensed will be merely what is sensed; in the cognized will be merely what is cognized.’ In this way you should train yourself, Bahiya.

“When, Bahiya, for you in the seen is merely what is seen… in the cognized is merely what is cognized, then, Bahiya, you will not be ‘with that.’ When, Bahiya, you are not ‘with that,’ then, Bahiya, you will not be ‘in that.’ When, Bahiya, you are not ‘in that,’ then, Bahiya, you will be neither here nor beyond nor in between the two. Just this is the end of suffering.

“Now through this brief Dhamma teaching of the Lord the mind of Bahiya of the Bark-cloth was immediately freed from the taints without grasping. Then the Lord, having instructed Bahiya with this brief instruction, went away.”

Then read an alternative translation of the same Pali text “Bāhiya Sutta: Bāhiya” at:
Here is the alternative translation of the same paragraphs as above which demonstrates that this translator has had a much better understanding of the subject than the previous one, because it makes much more sense:

“Then, Bāhiya, you should train yourself thus: In reference to the seen, there will be only the seen. In reference to the heard, only the heard. In reference to the sensed, only the sensed. In reference to the cognized, only the cognized. That is how you should train yourself. When for you there will be only the seen in reference to the seen, only the heard in reference to the heard, only the sensed in reference to the sensed, only the cognized in reference to the cognized, then, Bāhiya, there is no you in connection with that. When there is no you in connection with that, there is no you there. When there is no you there, you are neither here nor yonder nor between the two. This, just this, is the end of stress.

“Through hearing this brief explanation of the Dhamma from the Blessed One, the mind of Bāhiya of the Bark-cloth right then and there was released from effluents through lack of clinging/sustenance. Having exhorted Bāhiya of the Bark-cloth with this brief explanation of the Dhamma, the Blessed One left.”

Acording to my interpretation (which is based on information learned from many other sources of spiritual knowledge and personal insights) in modern language today this teaching could be explained as follows:

”Bahiya, to free yourself from suffering train yourself in the following manner:
Observe the sensations and experiences you gain through all your senses (of sight, hearing, touch etc.) and through your mind–intellect from an impersonal point of view. Do not identify yourself with the person (ego) of the body and with the mind that you presently occupy and experience. These are mere instruments only through which you experience this reality for a while, but they are not you, and they are not permanent. The person or individual ego you think you are, is not the real you, it is only an instrument of experience, a temporary vehicle for the eternal consciousness.

“When you succeed with this practice of distancing your real self from your instruments of perception and experience, by not identifying yourself with them, then they can not bind you anymore. When you don’t identify yourself anymore with the person through whose senses and mind you experience the world, then the suffering of that person is not your suffering anymore. You are not him, thus his suffering, his limitations, his ignorance, his powerlessness, his bondage is not yours either, and you are not limited by them anymore. You are free to go, nothing can bind you anymore. If you succeed with this one single practice, it will end all your sufferings.

“Through hearing this brief explanation of the true spiritual path from the Blessed One, the spirit or individual consciousness (the real eternal self) of Bāhiya of the Bark-cloth right then and there was released from the contamination and bondage of false self-identification. Having exhorted Bāhiya of the Bark-cloth with this brief explanation of the Dhamma, the Blessed One left.”

As you can see none of the above interpretations mentions the necessity to accept the suffering. The true meaning of the quotation is that we have to stop identifying ourselves with the body-mind-intellect personality because we are not that. We are much more than that, we are the spark of the Almighty Divine Source the all-pervading Original Consciousness who has created everything, in whose being all creation resides, and who maintains and finally annihilates all creation. This is what Buddhism ignores, which is a serious deficiency.

“Whether we’re talking about facing our own difficulties, or those of our loved ones, or of the whole world, “acceptance” boils down to the same thing. To stand firm and be willing to look reality in the eye. To face our fears and doubts. To quiet our impulse to run away or distract ourselves in hopes they’ll go away.”

These are some more whimsical arbitrary redefinitions of the abused poor word “acceptance”. If someone is trying to ‘run away’ or distract his attention into other channels to avoid thinking of something, then that is a natural reaction. He does that because that thought or feeling or circumstance causes him suffering, and it is completely natural to try escaping suffering. It is his fear of that suffering that causes him to develop phobias. If those fears are imaginary or unrealistically over inflated and only create even more suffering, then one should focus on dissolving those unfounded harmful fears, and phobias.

But that again has nothing to do with ‘accepting suffering’, but rather with rejecting cowardice and dissolving the overinflated fearful associations created by the misdirected and uncontrolled imagination of the subconscious mind. A useful natural fear is to be afraid to jump into a hot furnace. A useless fear of phobia is to be afraid of all kinds and sizes of fire, like being unable to light a match. That phobia was created by a faulty association of the subconscious mind, and the weakness of the intellect to think rationally and guide the subconscious, instead of being ruled by it. The solution is to strengthen the intellect, erase the faulty association, and dissolve the fear by infusing courage.

“As I think about all this, it seems like this teaching is pointing us in a similar direction as the famous serenity prayer from the Christian tradition:

“God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.”

The Christian religion was based on worshipping victimhood, like the role model of Jesus. The Archons want us to be coward victims who surrender to the authorities and willingly accept an existence of virtual slavery. This is a prayer meant for those people who are ignorant about their own real divine identity, to keep them in that subjugated state. But, when one realizes that he is the spark of the Almighty Divine Source, he will also realize that there is no such thing which he can not change. Therefore he does not have to accept anything, because he can change everything as soon as he regains his powers and dispels his false identification. With other words: as soon as he wakes up from the nightmare of the spirit, dreaming that he is ignorant, bound and powerless. I don’t consider this Christian prayer to be of much use anyway on the real path to freedom.

“So ‘accepting what is’ is not about passivity at all. It’s about clear seeing, and the ‘wisdom to know the difference.’ Paradoxically, it’s when we take responsibility for our own failings and difficulties, or those of the world around us, that the real process of change can begin to take place. I see it as an essential starting point for anything we take on in life.”

This is the final catharsis of the abuse and whimsical redefinition of the word “acceptance”. I don’t think there is a further need to discuss the awkwardness of this mindset and way of thinking anymore. This trick of redefining the meanings of clear and commonly well understood words to confuse the subconscious mind is a well known strategy of the Archontic brainwashing. It is totally absurd to write treatises about the new distorted and vague meanings of a common word or phrase, instead of using appropriate words in the first place that describe the intended concepts without any need to redefine the meanings of words.

The “essential starting point for anything we take on in life” is definitely not the ‘acceptance of unpleasant situations’, but rather the possession of clear intellect, a sound logic, and a healthy common sense. Once the person has developed these, and also uses them, then he will be in good position to free himself from such unpleasant situations without the need to accept them.

9 thoughts on “The Accept What Is – Mind Virus

    • Thanks. Happy New Year To You, and to All Readers!

      Although, the real happiness will start only when we will not have to live in physical bodies anymore, and when we will not have to strive for happiness, because it will be an unalienable integral part of our being.


  1. Howdy! This article could not be written much better! Going through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this information to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

  2. Morpheus, I reading this page and all your articles again and I will read again. I am 75 and I now see what is about to happen to all of earth humanity. If this planet is ruled by Archons, which I do believe, how should we pray? Will our prayers be heard past this matrix? I haven’t been religious for a while because I realized religions are a trick to give man more guilt and to keep returning. I really know so little. Anything you can say here would be greatly appreciated. Ann.

  3. Hello Morpheus, Do our prayers get through to the Creator of the universe? Will our praying to the Creator of All help the plight I see us in now? I stopped believing in religion a little while back. And ashamed to say I have not be one to do a lot of praying. Please share more here. Thank you!

    • “Do our prayers get through to the Creator of the universe?”

      Why do you think I supposed to know that? I have never claimed to be in direct contact with the Creator of this universe, so that I could chat with Him/Her about whether He cares about our prayers or not, and why.

      In order to get the picture about the most probable nature of existence, imagine that there is only one omniscient, almighty, eternal Consciousness and nothing else exists outside of It. For the sake of brevity we can call This as Divine Source, Divine Consciousness, Divine Self, or Brahman as the Vedas call It. Brahman is It, because It is neither male or female, It is beyond the limitations and characteristics of genders. But, that does not mean It is a lifeless inert object. It is the most intelligent, most powerful, and most creative being and consciousness in existence, so much so that there is actually nothing that does not exists within It. It does not create things outside of It, but only inside of It (because there can not exist anything outside of It).

      This Singular Consciousness knows how wonderful Its existence is, which fills It with perpetual bliss. This unimaginable bliss can be heightened and magnified only by comparing it to something that is not that wonderful and fulfilling. Such comparison is possible only if It imagines those less favorable worlds and universes. But, when the Divine Source imagines, dreams, or simulates something, it is so realistic that the inhabitants of those universes can’t differentiate it from reality.

      Who are the inhabitants? In order to make the simulation or play realistic, tiny sparks or particles of the Divine Consciousness get separated from the whole, and covered with layers (of Maya or illusion, or ignorance) that limit the flow of information. Thus ignorance is born. The poor separated particle of consciousness gets isolated and individualized. Looses the ability of omniscience, because it can’t reach the information that is outside of it. Looses its omnipotence too, because it can’t directly control things outside of its domain. The relative size of these Consciousness particles, and the level of separation and ignorance, or the thickness of Maya may be different for each being, which produces inequality.

      Thus, while Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva the first beings who appeared in this universe are also limited like we are, their powers and knowledge may seem infinite compared to our abilities. Allegedly, (think of it symbolically) from the navel of Maha Vishnu grows a lotus flower, and on this flower Brahma appears (Brahma is the creative aspect of the Divine Trinity). Brahma has got the power to create all kinds of forms, star systems, planets and biological beings in this universe by merely imagining, or simulating them. Like a programmer is able to create anything within his computer by imagining and putting it into codes of simulations. Based on this analogy, we can think of Brahma as the chief and original programmer of this universe simulation.

      When this comparison of Divine Source’s blissful existence to less favorable ones goes to the extreme, then the reality of It gets compared to the exact opposite of the ultimate reality. The exact opposite to the everlasting, most blissful existence is pretty close to what we are experience in this universe, on this earth, and in even lower hellish realms. From our point of view the only good in these worlds is that they are only temporary, and they don’t last forever. So even if some unfortunate sparks of Consciousness get lost and stuck in these abominations of existence, their suffering won’t last forever. They will be freed when their hellish worlds get annihilated.

      There are countless such universes imagined by the Divine Source, and each has got its own internal Creator, specific rules, laws, shapes, beings etc. According to the Vedas the name of the internal Creator of this universe, who created all forms and rules within it is Brahma (not Brahman, which is the name of Divine Source). He is extremely smart, powerful, and lives extremely long, but He is not eternal. He will die when the universe gets annihilated, and He has got no power over other universes. He has got a female counterpart, Saraswati the Goddess of knowledge.

      Now that we have presented an extremely brief and rough sketch of our universe (based on the Vedas), we can come back to your question about the prayer to the Creator of this universe. Do our prayers get through to the Creator of this universe? I am sure that the Divine source knows everything, but I can’t say the same about Brahma. He might know everything within this universe and might be able to hear all the prayers of everybody at all times, but I can’t be sure about this, because He is limited. The level of his limitations determine whether he can hear your prayers without gaining his specific attention first or not. Naturally, if he would focus his attention on you for any reason, probably he could hear every last bit of your thoughts, past, present, and future. But, there are countless beings in this universe, and it is not sure he can read everybody at all times with this level of detail.

      Will your praying to the Creator of this universe help you? Again, I don’t know. It all depends on Him and his interests, not on yours. If your interests match His, you may get heard, but if you want something opposing his goals, or insignificant things, your prayers might just get ignored, even if He heard them.

      But remember, the system of suffering and laws of this universe were created by Brahma. If you would want all these removed and stopped, you would better pray to the Destroyer of this universe instead, to lord Shiva. He is the destructive aspect of the Divine Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva). He will be the one who destroys this universe when the time gets ripe. Well then, will Lord Shiva listen to your begging to free you from suffering? Again, I can not know that. And if someone assures you that praying to anyone in this universe will liberate you from suffering, your indicator of deception should bend the needle!

      The one thing you can trust is that the unlimited Divine Source who is omniscient and omnipotent surely can hear all your prayers and thoughts. Praying to the Divine source might make the most sense. But will It oblige you, and do whatever you ask of It? I can’t know this with more certainty than the answer to the other two questions. As long as the interests and will of Divine Source are against your prayers, I doubt It would change its plans and will for your sake. Remember, we are all insignificant players in this infinitely huge simulation of the Source. It can’t just change its plans and aims to satisfy everybody at all times. Not because It would be unable to do that, but because our purpose here now is to experience suffering (if you see what I mean…).

      Prayers are often directed instead to one’s higher self, or to local forces of the universe that can have a positive effect on the local environment (but might not change much in the whole play), like the prayers of the Kahunas. These are actually not the begging types of prayers that Christians practice (without much benefit), but rather affirmative success reports, and expressions of gratitude for success (for whatever they prayed for). These might have more practical effects, but again these will not liberate you from the bondage to limited individual existence and imprisonment in this universe.

      The only path leading to the ultimate freedom that you can control is renunciation, the getting rid of your worldly desires, attachments, and fears, and becoming disinterested in participating in this simulation anymore.

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